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Sep 20, 2018

Everyone seems to be on some type of "flow" lately. What is a flow? are they similar to complexes? Why do they exist? We talk about the good, bad, and ugly. 

Sep 13, 2018

Soho Strength Lab opens it's second location exclusively for group fitness! We get Beth Lewis & Joe Whittaker on the show to talk about classes that are offered at "The Field-House" including, Athletic conditioning, strength, speed, Glute/sled/abs, yoga, Kinstretch and Ladies strength Lab classes. The second location...

Sep 6, 2018

4 time Crossfit Games athlete Kari Pearce and Brittany Bolella join us to talk about the sport of fitness. We talk about training leading up to and after the Crossfit games with Kari, then chat with Brittany on how recent changes to the games are impacting so many others who were trying to qualify for regionals....