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Sep 19, 2021

In this episode we chat about how to avoid falling off the rails with your training/nutrition & why it's ok if you do.

Brian asked us via social media how do we manage rest days and cheat meals. Luis & Jaid go into what their ideal vs actual rest days look like along with what they have done with clients to help them...

Sep 5, 2021

Today we get into the differences are between motivation & determination. We start with the textbook definitions and then explore the spectrum of what they can mean along with how we can best utilize them. Some personal case-studies in this one including why Jaid decided to start 75 Hard and why Luis needed to draw...

Aug 29, 2021

The podcast is back! The Pandemic has taken us out west to Arizona.

After about a year of meddling in fitness across the country, it's finally time to reboot the podcast! I've seen, heard and experienced so many different corners of the fitness industry in such a short time that the people I've met NEED to...

Jan 3, 2021

(Recorded June 9th, 2020)

What do you get when you have someone so passionate about a sport that even burning out as an athlete didn't stop them from becoming one of the top coaches the USA has to offer?

You get Daniel Camargo!

In this episode we talk about his origin story and how he left the Badge for the barbell. I...

May 27, 2020

Fitness is considered preventative medicine then there is emergency medicine. Our special guest Samantha does both! We covered everything from her first COVID-19 rule outs to how she had to switch modes in order to stay focused in the ER at the height of the Pandemic.. We dive deep into how it feels to be a...